Water Well Answers To Help You Avoid Issues

If your home is reliant on a water well, a working understanding of these wells will be necessary for minimizing the problems that can strike. Luckily, you will find that a few pieces of knowledge about your well systems will help you to avoid mistakes that interfere with your ability to use your home's well.  

Can A Water Well Provide Enough Water To Irrigate Your Yard?

It is frequently assumed that those that have water wells will be unable to adequately irrigate their yards. The exact rules covering whether or not irrigation can be done will be determined by the local laws. In order to irrigate your property, you must have a powerful well pump that can extract large amounts of water from the ground source. However, the amount of water that a home can extract from the ground is usually determined by the type of water well permit that was procured. This can lead to some obstacles with using your property the way that you want, but it is essential for the sustainability of the underground water source.  

What Can Lead To The Well Water Becoming Contaminated?

Contaminated water can be a major issue that a well owner may find themselves having to address. Due to the difficulties and expenses associated with correcting contaminated water, avoiding this problem is a key concern for any home that relies on a well. Unfortunately, homeowners will often fail to appreciate the various ways that a water source can become contaminated. A common way for this contamination to occur is due to improperly pouring harmful fluids in your yard. This can include pesticides, oil, and cleaning solutions as these materials can seep through the soil until the water source is reached. Another potential source for this problem will be a faulty septic system as leaking sewage can quickly contaminate the water.

Can Your Well Ever Run Out Of Water?

There are many instances where homeowners will find that the water being supplied by the well pump is gradually decreasing. This will manifest as decreasing water pressure, and this problem may worsen during dry periods with little rain. While this can be a stressful problem to experience due to the importance of having a source of water, it is often possible to remedy this problem by simply extending the depth of the well shaft. In situations where this fails to correct the situation, you may need to have a new well drilled so that a new source of water can be found and used.

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